How (Not) To Create A Budget

Two standard practices I learned in personal finance are creating a budget and tracking expenses. Some people think that the tasks are time-consuming and tedious but I find it enjoyable especially with the thought of my finances being organized as motivation. I love organization hacks and tips by the way. It was in February 2019 … Continue reading How (Not) To Create A Budget

Net Worth Update: 1Q19

With how often I hear the word "net worth" these days, I want to assume that more people are already becoming aware of personal finance. There are already lots of reading materials about money management, thanks to the Internet for all the finance blogs. But what is net worth and what is the fuss all about? … Continue reading Net Worth Update: 1Q19

How to Apply For A Non-Professional Driver’s License

This post shares a simple how-to and a bit of account of what I went through in getting my non-professional driver's license with assistance from Smart Driving School (Smart). Where to GoYour license will be processed at LTO San Juan but you need to go first to Smart - San Juan branch. You have to fill out … Continue reading How to Apply For A Non-Professional Driver’s License